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A Day In The Life Of The Paparazzi by Henry Flores

I have great news. I am in the final proofing stages of my book. A Day In The Life Of The Paparazzi is about to become a reality. It will be printed by Toppan Printing Company using an offset printing process. The cover will be a black cloth material with the main images pressed onto the material. The tittle text will have silver leaf and the books will be limited Fine art editions. Soon, you will be able to pick up the book at the luxurious Paparazzi Ristorante inside the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles (http://www.sheratonlax.com), where my pictures are currently hanging in a permanent exhibition. I am so exited.

Book Description:

A Day In The Life Of The Paparazzi! features a living vicariously approach to depicting the trade of the paparazzo, with self-narrated adventures in every vignette and interspersed photographs that aptly represent the craft. Through them, the author convincingly declares, “I am part of the entertainment industry and without me or without the other paparazzi out there, celebrities wouldn’t be who they are.” Follow the author and photographer, Henry Flores, on his pursuit to get that perfect shot. As he famously states, “Sometimes you only have seconds to react, so you have to always be prepared, because those mere seconds are all you may get to secure a good shot!” Step into his world and live A Day In The Life Of The Paparazzi!

Henry Flores has been featured on ABC World News, NightLine, Extra TV, and many other media productions, including documentaries from Germany, Canada, and the USA. His company, Buzz Foto, LLC, is responsible for having launched the first ever modern day paparazzi gallery show, which was recognized by the LA Times, TMZ.com, and other well known news media.

The front cover of the book has a picture of Lindsay Lohan surrounded by paparazzi, which he took while she was at the peak of her career. The book contains 120 pages of celebrity photos, along with some never before seen photos of the starlets of today and possibly, the icons of tomorrow.

A Day In The Life Of The Paparazzi!
By Henry Flores

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