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People Magazine and Us Magazine Online Edition Photos By Henry Flores

I have been going back into my archive to remember what it used to be like back in the days as a Hollywood Paparazzo. I used to get at least 30 plus stories a month with my best month at 80 stories. My cameras were smoking. I remember the stories as if they just happened yesterday.

John Mayer and Jessica Simpson: My wife was having a late brunch with a friend when all of a sudden I get a call that John Mayer and Jessica Simpson were hanging out having lunch at this little cafe called Hugo’s in West Hollywood.

Nicky Hilton: Always stylish even to this day. I can still find Nicky hanging out doing her shopping but unfortunately she is a little hard to sell this day in age.

Ashley Olsen: I used to have a hard time taking their pictures as they were always traveling with security guards that were total scumbags. I hated working on the Olsen twins. One day, one of their security team stole my phone.

Kim Kardashian: Popular for her talents. :) I haven’t watched the video that made her famous, yet. I hear it is pretty good. I remember one day that she didn’t want to pose up for a photo, I told her that it was for her publicity not mine. She quickly turned around to give me a shot. Ever since then, she gets it. Now she is cool.

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