Kim Zolciak Shops for Baby Clothes and Baby Crib, Photography By Henry Flores

I found Kim Zolciak at a local eatery having lunch with her assistant. She was eating at this restaurant, but I do not know the name of it because I was so concentrated on her. She was eating facing the rear of the restaurant so I had no shots. I was there when she was about to pay so I knew that I wasn’t going to have to wait long.

Kim Zolciak

She got out of the restaurant without me taking any photos so I had to follow her. She led me to this shop in Silverlake. It looked like a small boutique where they sold baby stuff. I followed her inside the store with a small point and shoot camera, the Canon G9 that I have. I knew that I had to be sneaky inside the store. I took a couple of photos when everyone was distracted.

Kim Zolciak

After I had plenty of shots, I went outside and got my larger camera. I waited for her to come out. She was surprised to finally noticed me. My thought on her reaction was that she was going to be upset, but she wasn’t. She somehow recognized me and smiled. I asked her for some photos with me and her assistant helped. She was more than friendly, she was awesome.

Kim Zolciak

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